Assignment: Charlie is 5th grader

Charlie is a 5th grader who receives


Review the following case scenario and answer the questions that follow in a 500-750 word response. Support your answer with in text references to specific sections of the IDEA as applicable:

Charlie is a 5th grader who receives special education services for a learning disability. Charlie is on grade level in math and two years below grade level in reading. He receives services in a resource setting for one hour each day. Charlie has no history of behavior problems.


Charlie was caught stealing software from the computer lab at his school. His teacher referred him to the assistant principal who issued a three-day suspension and required him to return the stolen materials.

Charlie returned to the classroom to gather his belongings and confronted his teacher. He called her names, threatened to come back to school with a knife to “cut her, and pretended to swing his fists toward her. Charlies teacher called the principal, who, in accordance with the student code of conduct at the school, issued an additional 10-day suspension for Charlie, bringing his total days of suspension to 13.


What happens immediately to Charlie?

What services, if any, are provided to Charlie during his removal to an IAES?

Who needs to be contacted?

Assume a manifestation determination review is held for Charlie, and its determined that his behavior was not a manifestation of his disability.

What disciplinary actions are permissible?

What, if any, services will be provided to Charlie during the duration of the disciplinary action?

What happens if Charlies parents appeal the manifestation determination?

Source: Bradley, R. (2007, October). Key issues in discipline. Building the legacy: IDEA 2004 training curriculum. Washington, DC: National

Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities.

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