NUR 2058 Ethical Concept

NUR 2058 Ethical Concept 

NUR 2058 Ethical Concept 


2.The nurse is assigned to see a home-bound

client on a daily basis to prepare the client’s medications. The nurse fails to

visit the client and does not request that another nurse visit the client. The

client is later admitted to the hospital after taking the wrong dosage of

medication. Which ethical concept does this situation reflect?

What are some of the Assignment in nur2058?


NUR 2058 Dimensions of Nursing


Module 01 Discussion


Why Nursing Standards of Practice


After reviewing the Nursing Standards of Practice, describe three reasons why these are important to nursing practice, safety, and achieving good client outcomes.


Module 03 Discussion


Agencies and Who They Serve


For this discussion, review the various healthcare settings in your reading (such as hospital, community health center, etc.) and select one. Once selected, research the internet to identify a facility that represents your selected healthcare delivery setting. Review their website and determine:


Location and size


Mission and values


Accreditation and awards


How long they have been serving their target population


Whether they are part of a system or a single institution


Are they for profit or not-for profit


The target populations they serve


The clinical and client services they provide


The type of staff who work in the setting


Contributions to the community


In a two to three paragraph discussion post, identify key aspects of the selected healthcare setting, how their mission and values compare with the services they provide and their target populations, the type of staff who work there, any special or unique aspects of the healthcare setting, and your impression of the healthcare setting after reviewing their website. You don’t need to identify the name of the healthcare setting just the type.


Module 04 Discussion


Comparing and Contrasting Theories


For this discussion, in three to four paragraphs, contrast two nursing models and theories found in your reading. Discuss how they are similar or different in the way the define/discuss health and wellness, illness, the client, the environment, and nursing. Summarize by selecting the one model or theory that aligns best with your beliefs and then describe how this would affect the way in which you would practice nursing.


Module 05 Discussion


Ethical Nursing Practice


For this discussion you will be examining ethical nursing practice. In three to five paragraphs answer the following questions.


Define in your own words “ethical nursing practice.”


Describe the basis or framework you used for your definition.


Explain the difference between legal and ethical nursing practice.


Discuss one ethical or bioethical dilemma a nurse may encounter and describe how it could be handled.

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