Discussion: Mental Well-Being

Mental well-being

Order an original paperwork Assignment: Mental Well-Being

Discussion: Mental Well-Being

Poor mental well-being is a risk factor for many chronic diseases, including mental illness. Mental illness affects one in five adults in Minnesota. By improving an individual’s mental well-being, we are decreasing a risk factor for mental illness. Mental well-being is an important component of public health practice. For more information on how to incorporate mental well-being into your practice, visit: Minnesota Department of Health (MDH): Mental health promotion

Discussion Questions


What does optimal mental well-being look like for you? Your family? Your community?

What can you do to help improve your mental well-being?

What can your agency do to improve the mental well-being of your community?


Additional resources

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Well-being concepts

Minnesota Department of Health: Supporting mental well-being during COVID-19 (PDF)

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