Discussion: Capella University Create an Action Plan Child Welfare Presentation

Discussion: Capella University Create an Action Plan Child Welfare Presentation 

Discussion: Capella University Create an Action Plan Child Welfare Presentation 

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I am asking for an Action Plan in PowerPoint Presentation covering the attached information for the Department of Social Services…child welfare.

Create an Action for the Department of Social Services in reference to Child Welfare

The criminal justice system is made up of several entities that must work hand-inhand in an ensure safety, equity, and stability for the community. Thus, it is

important to obtain a system-wide understanding of how the criminal justice system

works. This research project is based on Welsh and Harris’ (1999) Seven-Stage Model

for Planned Change. This model specifies the series of steps necessary for examining

the issue, determining its causes, and the planning and implementation of


The seven stages consist of:

1. Analyzing the problem.

2. Setting goals and objectives.

3. Designing the program or policy.

4. Developing an action plan.

5. Developing a plan for monitoring program/policy implementation.

6. Developing a plan for evaluating outcomes, and.

7. Initiating the program or policy design


Step One: Collect information about the problem. (0-10 points)

o What is the problem? Where is the problem? How big is it?

o Do different groups have different definitions of the problem?

o How long has the problem existed?

o Who is affected by the problem?

o What causes the problem?

o What kinds of interventions have been tried?

o Who is likely to support a certain course of action? Who is likely to resist

certain course of action?

Step Two: Set goals and objectives for resolving the issue. (0-10 points)

o Write a goal statement (s) specifying the general outcome to be obtained.

o Write outcome objectives for each goal. Include a time frame and a specific

measure of impact.

Step Three: Program or policy design. (0-10)

o Program Change

 Define the target population: Who is to be served or changed?

 Define program components: the precise nature, amount, and

sequence of services provided must be specified. Who does what to

whom, in what order, and how much?

 Write job descriptions of staff and define the skills and training


o Policy Change

 Define the target population of the policy.

 Define the provisions of the policy.

 Identify the responsible party. Who is required to carry out the policy,

and what will their responsibilities be?

 Delineate the specific actions to be taken to ensure that the policy is

carried out consistently.

Step Four: Develop an action plan. (0-10 points)

o Identify resources need and make cost projections.

o Have a plan to acquire or reallocate resources.

o Specify tasks and deadlines. Assign responsibilities.

o Develop mechanism of self-regulation in order to monitor staff

performance and communication.

Step Five: Describe steps to implementing the program/policy. (0-10 points)

o Collect information to determine to what degree the program/policy design

was carried out as

o Design monitoring instruments to collect data.

o Designate the responsibility for data collection, storage, and analysis.

o Develop information system capacities.

o Provide feedback to staff, clients, and stakeholders.

Step Six: Develop an evaluation instrument. (0-10 points)

o Develop outcome measures, keeping in mind how the users will determine

if the policy/program is achieving its intended objectives.

 Specify the research design to be used.

 Identify the confounding factors (factors other than the program which

may have influenced the measured outcomes.)

 Identify users and uses of evaluation results.

 Reassess the entire program plan.

Step Seven: Determine how and when you would reassess and review the

program. (0-10 points)

o How will information about the program’s progress be disseminated to its


 Initiate the action plan.

 Coordinate program (policy) activities.

 Begin monitoring program (policy) implementation.

 Make adjustments to the program (policy) as gaps are found.

 Decide whether and when the program is ready to be evaluated.

 Collect and analyze evaluation data.

 Provide feedback to users and stakeholders.

 Reassess the entire program and make revisions

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