Case Study: Fetal Abnormality

Jessica Is torn between her desire to be financially Independent and her belief that all life has value. Her belief Is what Sob describes as moral status based on something simply being alive, including all living organisms and ecosystems, etc. She may decide not to terminate her pregnancy because all life is sacred to her and has its own value and rights.


Marco is also worried about how having a disabled child will be a financial burden. However, it is not definite that the child will even have Down Syndrome or what Its level of functioning will be, or if the child will only be Ron without arms and no mental disability.

Marco Is possibly beveling the fetus at Its current age as lacking moral status according to three theories, moral status based on moral agency, consciousness, and sentience. Moral agency is the ability to make Judgments about whether actions are right or wrong and if intentions can be morally Judged. According to studies, fetus do not develop consciousness or sentience until around week 28.


Based on the Information given In the case study, the fetus Is less than 28 weeks. Marco may discuss termination with Jessica based on these three theories. DRP. Wilson also takes the stance on the fetus lacking moral status according to these three theories, but for scientific and quality of life reasons as opposed to financial ones. Maria is absolutely opposed to any mention of termination.


She views the moral status of the fetus based on Jessica responsibility as a mother, or the theory of moral agency based on relationships.


This theory states that a person just not Interfere with another person or must respect their rights because they have a relationship with them. For example, the relationship between a parent and their child, or in this case their fetus, provides a particularly strong case for a parent not to kill their child or abort their fetus Arrows & Attainment, 2013). Aside from the relationship of Jessica and her fetus which may prevent her from terminating, this theory Is also applicable In this case to Marco and Jessica, as he Is going to support any decision that she makes based on their relationship.


It can also be applied to the physician-patient relationship, so DRP. Wilson must respect Jessica and Marco’s rights as parents and their choice because of their relationship. Because moral status has to do with which beings have value or rights, I tend to agree with the theory of sentience. I believe that animals do have rights, especially In terms of biomedical ethics and research. I may, however, seem hypocritical In this Dealer Decease I am not a vegetarian.


But In tens case, oases on tens tenure I would De likely to terminate the pregnancy at this early stage due to the severe disability and childhood for mental disability. However, since I have never been pregnant I do not know how that real-life experience would change my viewpoint and decision. When deciding what action to take regarding a physically and possibly mentally disabled fetus, all individuals involved may have their own opinions and reasons behind them. Because there are several theories of moral status when it comes to evaluating the fetus, the concept of value and rights is a very personal belief.

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