Assignment: Emotion and Motivation

Assignment:Emotion and Motivation

Why do we do the things we do? What motivations underlie our behaviors? Motivation describes the wants or needs that direct behavior toward a goal. In addition to biological motives, motivations can be intrinsic (arising from internal factors) or extrinsic (arising from external factors) ([link]). Intrinsically motivated behaviors are performed because of the sense of personal satisfaction that they bring, while extrinsically motivated behaviors are performed in order to receive something from others.

Assignment Questions

Define intrinsic and extrinsic motivation

Understand that instincts, drive reduction, self-efficacy, and social motives have all been proposed as theories of motivation

Explain the basic concepts associated with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

Critical Thinking Questions

1. How might someone espousing an arousal theory of motivation explain visiting an amusement park?


2. Schools often use concrete rewards to increase adaptive behaviors. How might this be a disadvantage for students intrinsically motivated to learn? What are educational implications of the potential for concrete rewards to diminish intrinsic motivation for a given task?


Personal Application Question

3. Can you think of recent examples of how Maslow’s hierarchy of needs might have affected your behavior in some way?


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